Students Questions and Answers

1. Is there a student food bank?

Yes, the Student Food Bank is located on the premises. Please stop by the NUSU Office (F205) from 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday though Friday. Please bring your student card to access the food bank. Two bags a week maximum.

2. Am I covered by a Student Health Plan?/What is covered by the Student Health Plan?

As a student at Nipissing University, you are covered in a health plan provided by ACL Student Benefits. Please visit the We Speak Student website for more details.

3. How can I opt out of the Health Plan?

If you already have health coverage elsewhere, you may opt-out of the health plan. To do so, you will need to provide proof of insurance. Send your proof of insurance to ACL Student Benefits and sign up to have your health plan fee reimbursed to you through direct deposit. If you have any questions about the process, you can speak to someone 24/7 on the live chat at or you can contact VP Finance and Administration at

4. How can I get involved on campus?

One of the easiest ways to get involved on campus is to volunteer with NUSU. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available, some of which are geared towards awareness campaigns such as Movember, and some are focused on events such as Halloween Haunt or the Student Appreciation Luncheon.

Students can volunteer as part of NUSU Crew, as a Director-at-Large of the NUSU Board of Directors, a student senator in the Nipissing University Academic Senate or as a Frosh Leader. Getting involved can lead to making great relationships and having amazing experiences. Students can also run to be a NUSU Executive which is a paid position.

5. Who can I talk to about making a petition or appeal?

If you ever wish to make an appeal or petition to the University, or have any questions or concerns regarding your appeal/petition please contact VP Advocacy & Awareness by emailing

6. How can I set up a club?

To set up a club, stop by the NUSU Office for more information or contact VP Student Life at NUSU also has a budget line dedicated to club funding so make sure to grab a form, fill it out and request funding for your club and club’s events.