Terms of Reference

Nipissing University Alumni Advisory Board


1.1 The purpose of the Nipissing University Alumni Advisory Board (NUAAB) is to act as a liaison between Nipissing University and the alumni. They represent the alumni of Nipissing University.

1.2 The purpose of the Nipissing University Alumni Advisory Board (NUAAB) is to provide advice and feedback to the Board of Governors of Nipissing University on its directions, policies, and services as they affect the Nipissing University community.


2.1 The objectives of the Nipissing University Alumni Advisory Board are to:

  • Represent the interests of Alumni;
  • Contribute in as many ways as possible to the welfare, prestige and excellence of Nipissing University; 
  • Support the overall advancement of Nipissing University; 
  • Encourage and promote a spirit of collegiality and unity among alumni; 
  • Provide a means for continuing the relationships alumni enjoyed as students; 
  • Build a culture of philanthropy among the Lakers Family; and,
  • Serve as a communications vehicle to the alumni community on the work and plans of Nipissing University and its impact on the alumni community.


3.1 In the event that the NUAAB determines its membership or terms of reference not to be appropriate, it shall have the power to recommend and implement amendments to these Terms of Reference. This requires a two-thirds vote from the board and previous notice to make any changes.

3.2 The NUAAB may strike ad-hoc committees when needed.


4.1 The NUAAB shall consist of a maximum of 13 voting members, preference to representation from community member and staff/faculty member. Diversity with regards to skill, graduation class and community involvement will be evaluated. Each member will have voting rights with the exception of the Alumni Relations Coordinator, Manager of Advancement, Past President, Past Vice-President.

4.2 Membership shall include the following representatives:

  • Nipissing University Alumni - 10
  • Nipissing University Student Alumni (NUSA) - 1
  • Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU) - 1
  • Board of Governors Representative – 1
  • Past President & Past Vice-President Finance (invited back for 1 year) – 2
  • Alumni Relations Coordinator Ex-officio (Act as Secretary/Non-Voting Member) – 1
  • Manager of Advancement Ex-officio or designate – 1

4.3 Nipissing University Alumni include graduates from North Bay Normal School, North Bay Teachers’ College, Nipissing University College, and Nipissing University.

4.4 Members serve a three-year term and may stand for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

4.5 An Executive consisting of a President and Vice-President will be nominated and elected at the last regular meeting of the NUAAB every three years. Alumni must hold the Executive positions; the Executive may be re-elected for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

4.6 The commencement of the Board member’s appointment shall be June 1 of each year unless an appointment is made mid-term to replace a vacated position on the Board.  The retirement date shall be April 30th of each year.

4.7 Retiring Members/Resignations: A board member may retire and resign at any point via email or verbally at a meeting.

4.8 The commencement of the student representatives' appointment shall be May 1 of each year unless an appointment is made mid-term to replace a vacated position on the Board.  The retirement date shall be April 30 of each year.

4.9 Applications may be submitted throughout the year. Applications will be reviewed in the last meeting each year (May).

4.10 Responsibilities of Board Members:

  • Attend a minimum of 3 scheduled meetings per year in person, via telephone or video conferencing.
  • Attend the Annual Retreat
  • Offer service and support at alumni events
  • Initiate outreach to alumni and bring questions or suggestions raised by alumni to the NUAAB for discussion
  • Attend Homecoming

4.11 Meeting Etiquette:

  • Members shall abide by time guidelines, stick to the agenda, and make an effort to guide themselves using the philosophy of “principles before personalities”. Each member will maintain a positive, friendly and open environment where all contributions are welcomed. Members are expected to listen to others without interruption and to speak in turn.
  • If three meetings or key events are missed, the President or Executive may ask the member to step down.


5.1 A majority of all voting members in attendance or via proxy shall constitute a quorum for the meetings of the NUAAB.


6.1 The Nipissing University Alumni Advisory Board meets a minimum of 6 times per year including the annual retreat meeting. Succession planning and critical path will be determined at the annual retreat. An agenda for each meeting shall be sent a week prior to the meeting.

6.2 The NUAAB may decide to schedule additional meetings if necessary.

6.3 If required the executives can request votes be conducted via email.


7.1 The Alumni Relations Coordinator, as part of the Advancement Office, will maintain and update the website of all relevant events, services, and information pertaining to the NUAAB.

7.2 The NUAAB reports to the Nipissing University Board of Governors and Senate.

7.3 The NUAAB reports to the Nipissing University Alumni through the various communication channels.



  • Represents the Alumni population at alumni events
  • Ensures meeting stays on topic, on time and that all members have opportunity in discussion
  • Creates agendas with the assistance of the Office Administrator & Alumni Relations Advisor
  • Attend the scheduled Board of Governors meetings (arranges for a replacement from within the Board if attendance is not possible)
  • Sits on the Alumni Awards Selection Committee


  • Provides budget guidelines and financial reports
  • Represents the Alumni population at alumni events
  • Speak on behalf of the NUAAB President if they are unable to attend an event
  • Assist President in duties and responsibilities

Alumni Relations Coordinator

  • Acts as the Recording Secretary for the NUAAB. Responsible for the organization of meeting logistics including taking and distributing meeting agendas and minutes
  • Update and advise on Alumni Relations activities and events
  • Coordinate the media and promotion submissions with the President and Vice-President
  • Assist with event planning
  • Coordinate promotional materials
  • Coordinate Alumni Award nominations and bring forward to the NUAAB for review and selection


9.1 The committees constituted by the NUAAB shall be as follows:

  • Communications
  • Events
  • Special committees, consisting of persons appointed by the Board for specific duties of a non-recurrent nature whose powers will expire with the completion of the task assigned.

9.2 NUAAB members will be asked to serve on at least one committee.

9.3 A minimum of 1 chair, 1 vice-chair and 1 general member will compose the committee(s).

9.4 Committee chairs will be determined at the first meeting of the academic year.

  1. The committee chair will identify the vice-chair once membership has been determined.

9.5 Committee assignments shall reflect the goals of the strategic plan.

9.6. Vacancies occurring in the membership of a committee (including its Chair) shall be filled by individuals selected by the President of the NUAAB.

Notwithstanding such vacancies, the remaining members of the committee shall have authority to exercise the full powers of the committee, providing that a quorum is present (see section 9.11 below).

9.7 An annual schedule of regular meetings will be provided to all Board members at the beginning of the year.

9.8 Meetings, other than regular meetings, may be held at the call of the chair of the committee or, in his/her absence, at the call of the vice-chair of the committee. The meeting shall be held at such places and at such times as the chair or vice-chair of the committee respectively may appoint. Notice of every meeting so called shall be sent by electronic means to each member not less than three days before the meeting is to take place by the Alumni Relations Coordinator or the committee chair.

9.9 A resolution signed by all members of a committee shall have the same force and effect as if passed at a regularly constituted meeting.

9.10 The chair of a committee shall preside at meetings, and in his/her absence, the vice-chair of the committee shall preside. If both the chair and the vice-chair of the committee are absent, the members present shall appoint one of their number acting-chair to preside at the meeting.

9.11 A majority of the voting members of a committee shall constitute a quorum.

9.12 Each voting member of the committee present at a meeting shall be entitled to one vote.

9.13. All questions at a meeting shall be decided by a majority of the votes of the members present. The chair or acting chair may vote on all motions, and any motion on which there is an equality of votes shall be deemed to be negative.

9.14 A record shall be kept of the proceedings of every meeting of each committee, and it is the responsibility of the Alumni Relations Coordinator to receive a report from the recording secretary of the committee of such proceedings following the meeting.

9.15 Change of membership on all committees shall take effect after the first general NUAAB meeting of the academic year (usually in September).


The Communications Committee is responsible for developing content and recommending strategies to promote strategic and relevant messaging on a variety of platforms to alumni and the community. These messages will aim to celebrate the accomplishments of alumni and the University, as well as provide opportunities to strengthen the connections with alumni and the community. These communications apply to a variety of platforms and materials including:

  • Website
  • E-Newsletter
  • Social Media
  • NUAAB Recruiting Materials
  • Internal Board Communication
  • 1 Chair
  • 1 Vice-chair
  • At minimum one general member
  • Alumni Relations Coordinator, ex-officio (non-voting)


The Events Committee is responsible for developing and fostering alumni engagement through strategic events throughout the year. Some of these events include:

  • Alumni Awards
  • Homecoming
  • Convocation
  • NUAAB Member Onboarding & Orientation
  • 1 Chair
  • 1 Vice-chair
  • At minimum one general member
  • Alumni Relations Coordinator, ex-officio (non-voting)


The NUAAB may, from time to time, appoint special committees. Unless specifically provided by the resolutions by which they are constituted, such committees shall automatically be dissolved on the date of the first meeting of the NUAAB in the next year following that in which they were appointed. Such committees may, at the discretion of the NUAAB, be reappointed with the same or different membership


To be determined at time of appointment.


Updated November 11, 2021