Grant Doherty

When Grant Doherty presented his paper “National Energy Program: Reactions through the American Media” at NU’s Undergraduate Research Conference, he figured he’d chat with a few other history students about Pierre Trudeau.

He didn’t expect to be engaged by geography and business students about Canada’s current and future energy policy.

“It was a great experience. You’re often so busy doing your own thing, that you forget there are other students and departments doing research that can connect with your own,” says Doherty.

“At the UGRC, the professors were very constructive. Often at conferences, questions can be very critical of your work. The focus of this conference is to provide a learning experience.”

He made a 15-minute presentation of his paper, on a panel about environmental policy. The interdisciplinary-nature of the conference means panel presenters may come from different areas of expertise. As a result, they become collaborative and often thought-provoking. Presenting his paper, gave him a taste of life as an academic scholar. Grant then went on to complete his Masters Degree at Nipissing University.

For an idea of past abstracts and papers presented, see conference programs.

Papers will be shared virtually on Open Science. Due to COVID-19, this year's paper presentations will not be conducted in panel format.