Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding Opportunities

Small value internal grants up to a maximum of $5,000 are available to researchers to develop their research program and assist in securing external grants from any external sources. Each internal grant has specific guidelines and an application on the Romeo Research Management System. Before completing an application, please read the guidelines for the grants you wish to apply for. All grants have a limited time period.

Start-up Research Grant (SURG)

Internal Research Grant (IRG)

Research Outcomes Grant (ROG)

Research Initiatives Grant (RIG)

Special Request for Publication Support (SRPS)

Special Request for International Conference Support (SRICS)

External Funding Opportunities

There are a large number of external grant opportunities and the Office of Graduate Studies and Research will assist researchers in finding the right opportunity for their specific research program. The following links and pages provide information on funding opportunities as well as guidelines from the three major granting agencies, NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR. Please review the guidelines and relevant agency pages.

Applying for external research funding requires preparation, knowledge of the right opportunity and sufficient time to put the application together. The link below provides a short “what to do” when preparing to apply for external funding.

The three main agencies, NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR, commonly known as the Tri-agency have similar and different guidelines to complete their own applications for various grant opportunities. To make sure the application is prepared to the agency guidelines, please click on the following links and you will be directed to the agency’s webpage.

The following link provides funding opportunities with relevant dates and links to the agencies’ grant webpages.

The following links are funding opportunities other than the Tri-Agency funding.


Ministry of Labour

​​​Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)