Staff and Faculty Gmail to Outlook Migration

The University has moved its email and calendaring from Gmail to MS Outlook. Please be assured that, similar to the student email migration experience, other Google services, such as Google Drive, will remain accessible for the foreseeable future.  

Benefits of migrating to MS Outlook 

  • Enhanced integration with existing MS Office applications: MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 
  • Enhanced integration with newer MS 365 tools, including Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint 
  • Improved virtual meeting support in Microsoft Teams via the Outlook calendaring features 
  • Secure access to data and services via a suite of integrated mobile applications 
  • Superior offline laptop support for employees who edit files offline at home or on the go 
  • Improved account and data protection features 

Visit to learn more about MS Outlook’s features and capabilities

What data is migrated? 

All email and calendar data from all employees as well as all shared email accounts have been migrated. All tags, are migrated to Outlook folders, and individual Contacts have been migrated as well.

I have questions 

For additional information regarding the migration please refer to the below FAQ article on the Self-service Ticket Portal. You will need your Nipissing University credentials to access this resource.

#104 - Microsoft Outlook Email Migration FAQ - SolarWinds Service Desk (

For information regarding your Nipissing University credentials access the section "What are my Nipissing credentials?" in the article linked below.

Frequently Asked Questions University Technology Services | Nipissing University

For all other questions please submit a ticket at,