Professional Development

Three mature students listen as one talks during a seminar class.

We have extended learning opportunities for all learners

Upskill, reskill, and continue your professional and personal growth.

Workshops and micro-credentials are designed for learners interested in increasing their proficiencies with no obligations, pre-requisites or minimum requirements needed. Specialized training or re-training allows learners the opportunity to remain confident and better prepared for industry demands and changes. Increase your skillsets with professionally recognized learning opportunities supported by Extended Learning at Nipissing University.


Designed for professionals who work with, or desire to work with youth ages 5 to 18 in a variety of settings.


Designed for professionals who work in, or desire to work in, the health sector including nurses, social workers, physical/ emotional therapists and beyond.


Designed for professionals in a variety of fields who are interested in the continued development of personal goals, abilities and skill sets.

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