The objectives of the Board are:

  1. to represent the interests of Alumni 
  2. to contribute in as many ways as possible to the welfare, prestige and excellence of Nipissing University; 
  3. to support the overall advancement of Nipissing University; 
  4. to encourage and promote a spirit of collegiality and unity among alumni 
  5. provide a means for continuing the relationships alumni enjoyed as students; 
  6. to build a culture of philanthropy among the Lakers Family; and,
  7. to serve as a communications vehicle to the alumni community on the work and plans of Nipissing University and its impact on the alumni community.

Our objectives are achieved by various social and fundraising events, programs and services organized by Alumni Relations, in conjunction with the Alumni Advisory Board. 

There is immense potential for active involvement of alumni in the activities of the university. In addition, because of their experiences, graduates can best promote the ideals and values of Nipissing University to the external community. Thus, graduation represents the continuation of a strong relationship with Nipissing University. In order to fulfill our objectives and remain a traditional and vital, part of the university community, we are seeking your support and involvement.​​​