Commissioner J.V.N (Vince) Hawkes

Doctor of Letters

(honoris causa) DLitt

Commissioner J.V.N (Vince) Hawkes is the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), one of North America’s largest deployed police services. He oversees front-line policing, traffic and marine operations, emergency response and specialized and multi-jurisdictional investigations throughout Ontario. From 2006 – 2014, Hawkes served as Deputy Commissioner of Investigations and Organized Crime. He spent 11 years as a Forensic Specialist and was the first OPP member to be certified as a Bloodstain Pattern Analyst. Hawkes is the past Chair for the Canadian Integrated Response to Organized Crime. Since 2010, he has been invested as an officer in the Order of Merit of the Police Forces, a fellowship of honour that recognizes exemplary police service.

Hawkes received an honorary doctorate of Letters on June 11, 2015.

Honorary Degree Recipient: Commissioner J.V.N (Vince) Hawkes