Dr. Donald Weaver

Donald Weaver with honorary doctorate

Doctor of Letters

(honoris causa) DLitt

Dr. Donald Weaver began his career in neuroscience in the mid-1970s, toiling long hours in the lab at North Bay’s Chippewa Secondary School. Trained as a neurologist, Dr. Weaver made the choice to focus his work on drug design. His research examines the design and synthesis of novel drugs for the treatment of chronic neurological disorders such as epilepsy, stroke and Alzheimer’s dementia. Dr. Weaver is the only qualified person in Canada to be a practicing neurologist and drug designer. His interests also extend to medical device development; he developed a consciousness scanner that can evaluate concussions and determine the depth of a coma.

Dr. Weaver received the honorary degree, Doctor of Letters on June 13, 2014.

Honorary Degree Recipient: Dr. Donald Weaver