Establishing a Named Award FAQs

What is the difference between a scholarship, bursary and an award?

Nipissing defines scholarships, bursaries and awards as follows;

Scholarships: Monetary support awarded on the basis of academic merit 

Bursaries: Monetary support awarded on the basis of financial need 

Awards: Awarded on a variety of criteria in addition to academic standing or financial need (for example, community service, leadership, athletics etc.)

Can I decide who will receive my award?

You can choose the type of award they would like to set up and the eligibility criteria. The award types include entrance, in-course and convocation. Eligibility may include, area of study, minimum average, and community involvement.

Once you have decided on type of award and the eligibility, the Advancement Office will send an Award Agreement for your approval.

Who selects the student recipients?

The Nipissing University Student Financial Services Office will select the student recipient. Various selection committees have also been established for certain awards.

Will I find out who receives my award?

Once the award is established, you will be kept informed annually about your student recipient and, whenever possible, you will also receive a personal message from the student you are supporting. Nipissing also hosts the annual Donor Social. This event provides an opportunity for you to meet the award recipient and is held to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students and to recognize the generous support of the university’s donors.

Are donations for a named award eligible for a charitable tax receipt from the university?

All donations from individuals in support of a named awards are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

Will my gift be recognized?

Your gift will be recognized on the Nipissing University Donor Wall. The award name and associated criteria will also be featured on the Nipissing website. You will also receive an invitation to attend the annual Nipissing Donor Social, where the name of the award and the student recipient will be printed in the event program.