Dr. Cameron McFarlane

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Assistant Professor / Faculty of Arts and Science - Fine Arts and English Studies - English Studies
Full-time Faculty
BA, McMaster University
MA, McMaster University
PhD, University of Western Ontario
Areas of Specialization:

Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature; Restoration Drama; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Cultural Studies; Popular Culture 

Research Interests:

My current major research project is a study of passionate male friendship s in the Restoration and early eighteenth century. I am interested, first, in the way the writers of this period draw on and transform the "friendship tradition," a set of idealized precepts that reach back to the Classical age. I also wish to explore the ways in which the idea of passionate male friendship is related to the period's understandings of gender and sexuality. I am currently co-editing an anthology of readings on cultural studies and popular culture and, with Professor Lisa Zeitz of the University of Western Ontario, I am working on an article which examines a number of recent British plays that are rewritings of plays from the Restoration. 


 Co-edited with Alan Gedalof, Jonathan Boulter, and Joel Faflak. Cultural Subjects: Popular Culture Readings . Toronto: Nelson Thomson, (forthcoming, 2004).

The Sodomite in Fiction and Satire , 1660-1750. New York: Columbia University Press, 1997.