Graduate School Application Process


If you are a student considering a Criminology/Legal Studies Master's degree or a Law degree, your first step will be to research all of the possible programs available to you. We have outlined programs in Canada on the Criminal Justice graduate studies page. In addition to researching programs, we suggest visiting the academic services guide to graduate studies. This page will provide you with answers to questions regarding admissions, the LSAT, further academic institution research, scholarship opportunities and other valuable information. The application process for scholarships or for specific institutions may be found on the web sites provided by the above two pages. The office of Research will be holding graduate scholarship information sessions between September 15th and 18th (time and location, to be announced).


As part of the graduate school and scholarship application process, you will need to obtain various faculty references. If you are considering using any of the Criminal Justice faculty as a referee, you should be aware of our internal department deadlines (in addition to the deadlines of OGS, SSHRC and the institutions to which you are applying).

Criminal Justice Internal Deadlines

OGS: passed
SSHRC: Nipissing Deadline: December 11th
Graduate School Applications: Prior to Christmas Holidays
Law School Applications: At least one month prior to the due date

To assist faculty in the completion of the referee portion of your application, all necessary documentation must be provided. The referee packages are to be handed in by the above deadlines to Kindra McMillan in A108D in order to be approved for submission to a CJ faculty member.

A complete Referee Package will include:

  • A clearly stated list of what your package includes 
  • Any necessary instructions that the professor may need 
  • Contact Information: name, student number, email address, telephone number 
  • Record of grades (does NOT need to be an official transcript, but would be preferred) 
  • A printed version of your completed application 
  • Statement of interest/program of study 
  • The referee page 
    • completed with all necessary student information (i.e. name, address, the program to which you are applying for)
    • either provided as a hard copy, emailed, USB, or detailed instructions to the location
  • PLEASE put your package in a folder or sealed envelope

If you seek further information, please contact Kindra in the Criminal Justice office.

Contact Information
Location: A108G
Phone: 705.474.3450 ext. 4392