How to Support Someone in Crisis


Stress and distress are common feelings for many students. Each student will have their own unique way of dealing with stressful events. Signs of stress may include physical, emotional, behavioural, and/or academic concerns. If you are concerned for the immediate safety of the student or others, and if safe to do so, stay with the student and get help.


Start the conversation: Don’t be afraid to ask someone if they are struggling and need support. Validate how they are feeling and listen.

Listen and respect confidentiality

If someone confides in you with their personal concerns listen carefully and be respectful of confidentiality.

Provide a supportive referral

If you don’t feel that you have the necessary skills to assist someone you should refer them to a supportive professional.

Create a follow up plan

Always follow up with the person. Agree to a time when you will check back in with them.


How to Support Someone in Crisis

How to Support Someone in Crisis


Following the incident, ask yourself:

  • What type of service did I provide?
  • Am I aware of appropriate places to refer?
  • Did I consider my own limits?
  • Do I require my own support?