Pathways to Care


We offer multiple Pathways to Care so you can receive support that is personalized to your needs, preferences, and ability to engage.

Our team includes Registered Psychotherapists (RP), Registered Social Workers (RSW), Student Intervention Specialist, Dibaadan Wellness Coordinator, and Peer Support team that will work with you to create a personalized plan based on your unique goals.

We strive to provide a non-judgemental and supportive atmosphere to explore the concerns you may have about your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and relationships and needs. Sometimes this process can be challenging, and our team will be there to help support you through this process.

Drop In Therapy

Same-day appointments can be requested to address what is important today. Offered both virtually and in-person, subject to availability/demand. Drop-In appointments can only be booked for a same day request.

Counsellor Assisted E-Support

A flexible option for students to work independently on their mental health concerns through various in-house modules that combine education, reflection, and practice. E-Support is ideal for students wanting to do asynchronous and self-directed therapeutic learning with some additional, virtual or telephone, coaching support.

Two different e-support modules are available:

  1. working through grief
  2. building resilience

Peer Support

Peer Support is a peer led service where students can connect with students that have been through potentially similar experiences. Peer Support builds authentic relationships, provides encouragement, fosters hope, and supports students with their own personal journey towards wellness and recovery.


Dibaadan provides specialized outreach, prevention, and intervention from an Indigenous wellness perspective. This includes events and activities to learn more about caring for your wellbeing. Any student may access these services (status, non-status, non-Indigenous). Learn more about Dibaadan Support here.