Studies in Biology and Chemistry

Welcome to the Biology and Chemistry Department at Nipissing University

We offer the following degree options

Biology is the study of life, and there’s really no better place to study it than at Nipissing University. A picture- perfect place for studying outdoor Biology, surrounded by a diverse ecological landscape of forests, lakes, streams, trails and waterfalls – including a large natural study area on campus – you’ll learn in small interactive groups closely guided by your Professors and Lab Instructors. It is also an ideal setting for studying health-oriented and lab-based forms of Biology – thanks to the advantages of small group sizes, hands-on opportunities, close attention from Instructors, and access to special courses that enhance research and career-related skills.

For example, you may pursue outdoor-field experience at one of several Field Camps; add to your research skills by doing a one-to-one thesis course; a directed study course in a project of your choice with a favourite Prof; or sample a future career choice through an internship course that allows you to apprentice in a professional workplace such as an environmental consulting firm, a veterinary clinic, or a hospital.

Our programs provide a comprehensive background as you investigate theoretical topics like evolution by natural selection, biological classification, inheritance, cells, bioenergetics, homeostasis, and ecosystems. Additional interdisciplinary and practical studies in health sciences, chemistry, environmental science, ecology, genetics, geography, human biology and technical statistics will satisfy learning outcomes from multiple perspectives.

Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, properties and change of matter – both living and non-living. We developed our wide slate of Chemistry courses in order to build a strong foundation to support our focus on the many aspects of Biology – ranging from microscopic to global, and from ecological to medical. As a result, we have a rich assortment of Chemistry courses to offer. In addition to supporting our Biology programs, these courses also can be grouped to provide students with a Minor in Chemistry.​