After the Defence Process

If the Examination Committee Report requires changes to the MRP/Thesis the student will have 2 weeks to 2 months to complete the revisions based on the decision of the Examination Committee.

After all of the revisions have been completed a revised copy of the MRP/Thesis will be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies. The SGS will forward the MRP/Thesis to the Research Supervisor and/or Examination Committee members who will ensure all of the necessary revisions have been completed and will sign the Signature Page. Upon receipt of the completed signature page, the School of Graduate Studies will notify the appropriate Dean of the completion of supervision.

Once the signature page is complete the SGS will forward​ the student a copy of the Certificate of Examination which must be included in both the bound and digital copy of the final submission.  It is the responsibility of the student to have their MRP/Thesis formatted to the program and library’s guidelines.

In order for students to receive their degree or have their official transcripts indicate they have completed their degree, they must apply for graduation through the Registrar’s office. 

Please note that applications for graduation will not be approved until the bound and digital copies of your MRP/Thesis have been received.

Final Submission Process​