Formatting Your MRP, Thesis, or Dissertation

Program MRP Thesis Dissertation
Master of Arts in History Click Here   N/A
Master of Education Click Here Click Here N/A
Master of Environmental Science TBD BD N/A
Master of Environmental Studies TBD TBD N/A
Master of Science in Mathematics Click Here   N/A
Master of Science in Kinesiology     N/A
Doctor of Philosophy in Education     TBD

The responsibility for checking the formatting before submitting any MRP/Thesis/Dissertation to the School of Graduate Studies is entirely that of the student.​

All graduate students will follow the School of Graduate Studies MRP/Thesis/Dissertation Final Submission Process

*NOTE: The Certificate of Examination (signed by the Chair of Examination) will only be provided to a student once their Research Supervisor has approved the revisions, if any, that arise from the defence. This document is inserted in the final submitted MRP/Thesis/Dissertation.

Binding is no longer required by the School of Graduate Studies, though information is available should you make a request to