Transition Programs and Supports

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Our accessibility transition program (ATP) consists of 2 FREE programs which are designed to introduce students registering with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to available services and supports, skill development workshops, and the opportunity to get a jump start on connecting with peers and the SAS Team. Students can register in one or both programs.

Not registered with SAS?

Please complete the Self Identification form and someone from SAS will be in touch with you.

Accessibility Transition Program (ATP): Launch 2021! August 23-27

ATP: Launch 2021 will be virtual and takes place August 23-27. Participants will receive some free swag!

ATP: Launch is designed to introduce new students who have registered with SAS to available services, supports and to provide skill development opportunities essential to a successful university transition. ATP: Launch will also include social events and activities.

A feature of ATP is our Student Transition Leader program (STL) which will seek the involvement of upper-year or graduated SAS students to share information, resources, experiences as Lakers and in life in general as students with disabilities.

Benefits of attending ATP: Launch

  • Learn about accommodations, adaptive technologies, and learning resources
  • Explore learning strategies and what works best for you
  • Develop your self-advocacy skills
  • Establish a support system with like-minded individuals
  • Benefit from the experiences of upper year SAS student
  • Participate in fun and engaging activities and workshops

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Accessibility Transition Program (ATP): Connect

ATP: Connect begins with the Fall Term. Connect is an ongoing support and transition program for students registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS). You can look forward to workshops and events that support you throughout the fall and winter terms.

For information about ATP:Connect contact:


Benefits of enrolling in ATP: Connect

  • Access transition support and accessibility services resources
  • Access resources that are designed to promote academic success
  • Connect with other students registered with SAS
  • Participate in discussions and have your questions answered by SAS staff
  • Register and participate in workshops and social events

ATP: Connect will address three key areas that aid in a student’s success at university:

Academic Skills

Explore the different services and workshops that SAS has to offer. Topics include learning styles and strategies and information on adaptive technology services.

Life Skills

Build upon your self-advocacy skills, stress management techniques and overall wellness in workshops and online discussions that will enhance your university experience.


Participate in events and online discussions that will allow you to connect with peers, learn what life at Nipissing is like, and hear from other students about their experiences at Nipissing.

A Land Acknowledgement and Welcome Message  9:15 am – 9:30 am

Dr. Casey Phillips, Assistant Vice-President, Students will have a personal message for our new Lakers.

Intro to SAS  9:30 am – 10:00 am 

SAS supports students with various disabilities and strives to provide an accessible, barrier-free learning environment.  Come meet the team and learn about our services and how SAS can be key to your success as a student. 

Welcome to University  10:30 am – 12:00 pm 

Welcome to university living and learning. For some, the transition to university learning can provide some challenges.  

This workshop is to help prepare you for that transition. Student Accessibility Services will be working to help you through this transition by introducing you to resources, supports and services designed to help you succeed.  

The “Welcome to University” workshop includes a presentation, activities, and videos to help inform you on what you can expect in your first year at Nipissing University.  

Getting What You Need to Succeed 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm 

A Comic Sans Productions event 

Attending university for the first time is the beginning of a journey of self-discovery.  For many students, this is their first experience being fully responsible for addressing issues related to their disabilities.  Knowing what you need, accessing accommodations and supports, advocating for yourself and finding what works for YOU—starts here. 

This workshop features Alice Rose, Toronto comedian, producer, and creator of Comic Sans Productions, a comedy production company that highlights the best in LGBTQ+ and marginalized comedy talent across Canada. The performance will include a stand-up performance, a discussion panel, and a Q+A.  

Alice will be sharing her experiences as a neurodivergent student with ADHD and anxiety, coming out as a transgender woman, and how disability shaped her fulfilling and successful career as a comedian. 

Alice will share with the audience her post-secondary experience as a person with disabilities, how she struggled without support, and how accessibility services helped her find the tools to succeed. By working to understand her disabilities and how she learned to work with them rather than against them, she was able to create a successful career in the comedy entertainment industry. 

Overview of Student Development and Services  2:15 pm – 2:45 pm 

In addition, Student Accessibility Services, Nipissing Lakers have access to a variety of services and supports designed to enrich their academic and personal development.    

Through this workshop, you will learn about how Student Development and Services (SDS) is dedicated to providing each student with an accessible and fulfilling experience on and off campus.    

Social Event 

Event details will be shared at a later date. 

How We Learn  9:30 am – 11:00 am 

Understanding how people learn allows you to understand yourself and others better. It is normal not to know how people learn as many students were never taught in school how people process information and how that information is stored in their memory.  

The “How We Learn” workshop includes a presentation, activities, and videos to help you understand the learning process and how memory functions.  

SAS Q&A  2:00 pm – 2:30 pm 

Members of the SAS team will be available to answer your questions.  If needed, we will arrange for more follow up with anyone who needs more information than the session allows. 

How You Learn  9:30 am – 11:00 am 

The “How You Learn” workshop focuses on learning and personality styles. The workshop includes activities, videos and presentations that will help you understand how you learn, your personality style, and better support yourself.  

Once you know how you learn and your personality style, you will be able to enhance and better support your learning in the future.  

Student Success Panel + Q&A  1:00 pm – 2:00 pm 

Supporters Welcome! 

The Student Transition Leader program is designed to connect upper year SAS students with first year SAS student during their transition to university. Through social events and workshops, Student Transition Leaders provide guidance for transitioning from high school to post-secondary and provide examples of how they have navigated different situations in their life. 

The Student Success Panel session, moderated by our Student Assistant Avery, is where our ATP participants get to know our STLs as they share their experiences as students with disabilities.  This is also an opportunity to ask questions and share concerns you may have in a safe space where all present will be able to relate. 

Social Event 

Event details will be shared at a later date. 

Attitude is Everything…Almost!  9:30 am – 11:00 am 

“Attitude is Everything…Almost” builds on the earlier workshops and explores attitude and attribution theory and how your personal beliefs about control can affect your success.  

The videos and presentation in the workshop include an examination of Carol Dwark’s theory of Mindset, which can help alter your mindset and remove internal barriers to develop, succeed and grow as a student.  

Social Event - Let’s Do Lunch!  12:00 pm – 1:00 pm 

Supporters Welcome! 

Join our ATP students, supporters, STLs and SAS staff for a virtual lunch date!   

Reserved for Appointments 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm 

Beat the rush and meet with your Accessibility Consultant! 

If you haven’t completed your SAS registration yet, this is a great time to finish the process and make sure your accommodations are in place for the start of term.   

Contact to arrange an appointment to complete your intake. 

Active Learning and Study Strategies 9:30 am – 11:00 am 

This workshop will teach you how to consolidate and understand what you learn and move this learning into long-term memory where it will be accessible when you need it. You will also learn the role of critical thinking and elaboration within the active learning process.  

This workshop contains videos and presentations to further enhance your understanding about which active learning and study strategies complement your learning styles.  

Scavenger Hunt/Goose Chase  1:00 pm – 2:00 pm 

Whether or not you find yourself ON campus this coming year, SAS would like ALL LAKERS to feel welcome. 

Get to know the beautiful Nipissing campus and some of its key landmarks such as the campus bookstore, cafeteria, library and NUSU Student Centre 

All activities and events have been designed with accessibility in mind.  We would appreciate the opportunity to address any concerns you may have about anything you see on this calendar.  Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

Introduction to SAS

Learn what services Student Accessibility Services has to offer and how they can help you succeed during university. 

Advocacy Training

Learn how to apply both self-awareness and communication skills to help you succeed and address situations. 

Put your self-advocacy skill to the test with different ‘what if’ scenarios. Answers included. 


Stress affects us all. Read further to find a toolbox full of personal learning skills, including some routines and relaxation techniques, to help you through your Nipissing University journey.  

Time Management

Prepare for a university-level course load and work by reviewing and learning time management skills. 

On and Off Campus Resources

Access to many on and off campus resources that you may find useful during your time studying at Nipissing.  


Creating Positive Workspaces

Regarless of how you access your education now, creating a positive workspace will always be important.

Manager, SAS Supports SAS Team and oversees the development and administration of SAS programs and services.  A little about me… I am originally from New Liskeard and have grown up in the North. I have proudly been part of the Nipissing community and Student Accessibility Services since 2013. I am so blessed to be able to support both students and staff in the welcoming, close-knit community that Nipissing is. Outside of work, you'll find me in the gym, spending time with my 3 kids, or enjoying a backyard s
Secretary Responsible for appointment bookings, general emails, gathering statistics, administrative work A little about me… Nipissing Alumna, Class of 2012.  After circling the globe for two years, I hung up my backpack and planted some roots in North Bay. When I'm not behind the reception desk, I love eating exotic cuisines, getting lost in a good book, and researching my next great adventure.
Accessibility Consultant   Responsible for the confidentiality of any disability-related documentation.  Assess the need for academic accommodations based on the disability-related documentation. Develop individualized accommodation plans that provide essential services, technology, and/or supports. Specializes in assisting students with Learning Disabilities.      A little about me…   I am a proud Nipissing alum, graduating in 1990 with a BA and BEd. I began teaching at Canadore College in 1991 but also wo
Accessibility Consultant Responsible for the confidentiality of any disability-related documentation.  Assess the need for academic accommodations based on the disability-related documentation. Develop individualized accommodation plans that provide essential services, technology, and/or supports. Specializes in assisting students with Mental Health diagnoses and ADHD. A little about me… Dancing my way through life, while raising my family in my hometown. I love to garden, camp, ski, golf and travel with my
Student Accessibility Officer   Responsible for the administration, implementation, and quality control of disability-related accommodations, including Testing and Notetaking Services.   A little about me…   I come to North Bay via Kapuskasing with stops in Waterloo for university and Toronto for work. My partner and I have experienced life in other communities but returned to North Bay to raise our family.  Through travelling, I have come to appreciate different parts of the world and I am proud to see the
Student Accessibility Officer   Responsible for the administration, implementation, and quality control of disability-related accommodations, including Testing and Notetaking Services.   A little about me…   Raised in North Bay and a proud Nipissing BEd Alum, I am happy to be able to work in a town I really call home! I imagine one day travelling to New Zealand to hike within the National Parks, but until then I will enjoy the nature and ski hills North Bay has to offer.  Coming to work at Nipissing after y
Adaptive Technology Technician Provides access and training on assistive technology and is responsible for the provision of alternate format textbooks. A little about me… I was a Geographer and GIS Specialist who gravitated toward learning and teaching new technology for our projects. The opportunity to learn and teach University students new technologies was too good to pass up. I enjoy camping and being active. I play hockey, run, X & A ski, and canoe with and without my 3 awesome kids and loving wife. I