Student Initiatives Fund

Are you or your student group looking for seed funding to get a project started? SIF can help!

Student projects help build a vibrant student life on campus but often cost more than an individual student can afford. Nipissing University is committed to supporting student initiatives to bring academic, cultural, and recreational projects to life. So, if you are an undergraduate, graduate, or continuing education student with a great idea, please submit a SIF application!

The Student Initiatives Fund (SIF) is available to fund student initiatives every year, with its primary focus on seed funding for new projects. Decisions are made by a committee comprised of student representatives from NUSU, and the Office of the Assistant Vice-President of Students. The committee helps individuals and student groups achieve success by funding their amazing student led initiatives.

  1. Will your project develop community at Nipissing University?
  2. Will it enhance student life beyond academics?
  3. Will it enhance the student academic experience?
  4. Will it positively promote the image of Nipissing on campus or beyond?