Dr. Jarvis publishes paper on innovative teaching and assessment of math

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Jarvis of the Schulich School of Education on the publication of a co-authored paper in the Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching. The article reports on a case study conducted at the University of Alberta and focuses on innovative uses of Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) technology in university mathematics teaching and assessment.

The study involved a site visit to the University of Alberta campus in June 2015 during which interviews were conducted with five mathematics faculty members and seven mathematics students; math lectures were attended; and artifacts were collected such as course outlines, software demonstrations, and assessment tools. Study findings center around the innovative use of the open source software known as SageMath, both in the teaching (e.g., answer checking, interactive lecture demonstrations) and assessment (e.g., assignments, mid-terms, final examinations) practices of one particular instructor who taught seven iterations of a Mathematical Programming and Optimization undergraduate course at the University of Alberta.

The article can be accessed here.

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