Ducharme's work to be featured at Fair of Alternative Art in Sudbury

NU News - Anyse Ducharme's work

Nipissing University fine arts instructor, Anyse Ducharme, is one of 40 artists participating in the biennial Fair of Alternative Art in Sudbury (FAAS), Oct 24-28 at decommissioned elementary school, St-Louis de Gonzague (162 Mackenzie Street).  The artists will be creating in-situation set ups and performances over the course of the week, culminating with a reception on Saturday night. 

The theme of this year's festival, À qui? (To whom?) which references the Anishinaabemowin term for “territory” or “land”, confronts the audience with their own relationship with the space they inhabit, and calls for a redefinition of the notion of living together in light of contemporary issues arising around the way we share the land.

Throughout the week, Ducharme will be fabricating a variety of microphones using piezo electric transducers and audio wire.  The microphones will be installed in multiple locations throughout the building: on the creaking floor in the entry way, in an unusable drinking fountain, in the boiler room, etc.  These materials, the structure of the building, and our interaction with them will produce sound by transferring vibration through a mixing board and speakers; remixing fragments of resonance inside the structure into a spontaneous soundscape in hopes of eliciting discussion surrounding histories and experiences of the space.

For more information, visit the event website.

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