Heather Carroll

Heather Carroll
Senior Instructional Designer / Administrative Departments - Teaching Hub
Full-time Employee
Heather Carroll is the Senior Instructional Designer at Nipissing's Teaching Hub. In this role, she collaborates with faculty, staff and students in the use of evidence-based teaching and learning strategies and the analysis, design, development, delivery, and evaluation of curriculum. A recent graduate of Harvard University, with experience teaching and studying across four continents, she has developed an interest in intercultural communication, identity development, and how to ameliorate teaching and learning in higher education to advance equitable student success. Heather holds an Ed.M. in Teaching & Learning from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, a M.Ed. in International Higher Education from Loyola University Chicago, where she graduated as a member of the Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society, a Bachelor of Arts (French) and a Bachelor of Education from Memorial University. She is an active member of national and international societies and interest groups related to teaching, learning, and educational development. She is guided by principles of equity and diversity and a strong commitment to students as partners.
BEd, Memorial University of Newfoundland
BA, Memorial University of Newfoundland
MEd, Loyola University Chicago
Ed.M., Harvard University