Dr. Sarah Driessens

Sarah Driessen photo
Dr. Sarah Driessens is a graduate of Nipissing University’s PhD in Educational Sustainability. Sarah also holds an MA and a BA (Hon.) in Sociology from Western University. Sarah has taught courses in Language and Literacy, Qualitative Research, Social Studies, and the Sociology of Youth. Her teaching and research take place at the intersection of critical literacy, critical pedagogy, and social justice education. Sarah is committed to cultivating classrooms rooted in 21st century competencies that represent and reflect equity, social justice, diversity, inclusion, and activism.
BA (Honours), Western University
MA, Western University
PhD, Nipissing University

Sarah’s research explores:

  1. How critical literacy imaginations support educators and learners in being and becoming thoughtful and committed 21st century citizens.
  2. The pedagogical frameworks that support educators to lean into the potential discomfort of being an educator for justice.
  3. The meanings that students take from learning opportunities grounded in social justice, activism, and equity.

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Driessens, S., Scarlett, M., & Parr, M. (2019). Cultivating Critical Literacy Imaginations in Our Selves, Others, and the World. CAP Journal: The Canadian Resource for School Based Leadership, Spring 2019, https://cdnprincipals.com/cultivating-critical-literacy-imaginations-in-our-selves-others-and-the-world/

Driessens, S. (2018). Being and Becoming Critically Imaginative: Exploring Critical Literacy in the Classroom. Nipissing University, North Bay: ON