Liberal Science

Welcome to the Liberal Science Program at Nipissing​

Nipissing’s Liberal Science program provides students with a broad-based understanding of a number of scientific disciplines. General in nature and flexible in structure, Nipissing’s Liberal Science program focuses on the basic concepts and orientations of modern science, and considers its role in today’s society.

Bachelor of Science (Three-year Liberal)

Students complete a minor (18 credits) in two different science areas and can choose two from the following: Biology, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Geology, and Mathematics.

Students who are interested in a wide-range of scientific disciplines, and would like to focus on several of them, should consider this degree since it provides the flexibility to satisfy a curiosity about a number of different scientific fields of study. ​

Centre for Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Arts and Sciences (CICAS)

CICAS positions itself as a strategic hub for interdisciplinary, collaborative research and innovation in the Northern Ontario region.

The centre’s main research areas include the following clusters:

  • Digital Culture and Community
  • Education and technology
  • Environmental Health


Nipissing's campus is located on a stunning 291 hectares of Canadian Shield forest. With our focus on student-centred living and learning, you will feel a sense of community the moment you step on campus.

The Harris Learning Library

The Harris Learning Library was completed in 2011 and provides 56,000 square feet of study space with natural light and a modern award-winning design. The new library features expanded print collections, a learning commons, an adaptive technology area, and collaborative work spaces.

Academic Support Services

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Financial Support Services

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Internationalize your Degree

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Personal Counselling Services

Our registered counsellors offer free, year-round personal counselling services, specialized therapeutic groups, referral services and a host of wellness, educational and awareness events to all full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students. Learn More...


Our top-rated residences will make you feel right at home. You will make fast friends with your residence community. Our student leaders, Residence Dons, and award winning residence staff give tutorials on everything from the basics of laundry and cooking to making connections within the community. Learn More...

CICAS Talk Series

The centre hosts a series of talks and panel discussions to advocate the importance of on trans-disciplinary research.

Academic Advising

​Have a question for an Academic Advisor? We'll be happy to answer. Send an email to and include the following:

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“I belong at Nipissing not only because there are multiple opportunities to get involved with research, clubs, exchanges and more, but also because the small school population creates a bigger sense of community! Every day, I run into someone I know, whether that is other students or professors!”

Colton Baird-Rowe, BSc (Hon.) Biology 4th year

Career and Academic Options

  • Professional School (Education, MBA, Medicine, Optometry, Physiotherapy)
  • Careers in the health sciences sector, library services, and scientific journalism