Jobs and Volunteering

Students looking for on campus employment opportunities

Students looking for off campus employment opportunities can check out our off campus employment board, as well as, create an account on Magnet and/or Ready Set Hired.


Employers looking to advertise jobs to Nipissing University students can submit their posting to the Off Campus Employment Board or create an account with our online job board partner, Magnet, and follow the instructions for employers listed under the bottom tab 'Learn how it works'.

Students looking for volunteering opportunities

LinkedIn & Labour Market Data

LinkedIn has made freely available some labour market data from LinkedIn's Economic Graph. Please access the following link “LinkedIn’s Economic Graph” to review the labour market insights around Who is hiring? What jobs are available? & What skills are needed? 


Understanding the skills needed for the top trending job can lay the foundation for investment in education programs to prepare those in your region for emerging jobs. LinkedIn’s data uncovers career paths by matching your skills to thousands of job titles. Please access the following link “Career Paths” and scroll to the bottom to enter a role to see the skills associated with those roles and the transitions could be made between jobs based on skill alignment. They’ll show you skills you already have in common with those jobs and the skills you may need to build, along with open jobs that are available in your region and an easy way to connect with LinkedIn members who might be able to help you in your journey.