Director’s Message

Dan Jarvis portrait

Building on more than 100 years of teacher education experience in the North Bay area, The Schulich School of Education continues to offer high-quality teacher education programming. As a future teacher, you can enroll in either our 6-year Concurrent Education program, or in our 2-year Consecutive Education program following the completion of an undergraduate degree.

As a Concurrent Education student, you will experience several education-related courses as well as 30 hours of observational placement in schools while you are completing your 4-year undergraduate program of choice. You will then join with Consecutive Education students in Years 5 and 6, as you take part in a series of required and elective courses, as well as 19 weeks of school practicum and a self-directed, 60-hour Community Leadership Experience (CLE). Following the successful completion of the Bachelor of Education degree (courses and practicum), Teacher Candidates are recommended for professional membership in the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).

As a student in the Schulich School of Education, you will work with faculty members who are known for their research expertise (see Faculty Publication Poster) and practical teaching experience. Research guides their instructional practice, and this approach to teaching serves as a positive model for our Teacher Candidates as they too prepare for a career of thoughtful pedagogy and ever-improving practice.

Teachers are once again in high demand in Ontario, and our Bachelor of Education graduates also find employment opportunities across Canada and internationally. We look forward to sharing this part of your journey with you as you prepare to enter the teaching profession.

Dr. Daniel Jarvis
Director, Schulich School of Education (BEd Programs)