Indigenous Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

Indigenous Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

The Indigenous Teacher Education Program (ITEP) is available for individuals of Indigenous ancestry and helps students develop teaching strategies, technological skills and curriculum knowledge within an Indigenous worldview. After successful completion of the program, students earn a Certificate of Qualification and Registration from the Ontario College of Teachers, in the Primary and Junior divisions. As a certified elementary school teacher, you will have acquired the necessary teaching skills and knowledge combined with a strong personal understanding of Indigenous traditions, culture and heritage on which to build strong learning environments for Indigenous and non-Indigenous children.

Admission Requirements

  1. One of the following completed certifications from an accredited university or college:
    • Early Childhood Education (ECE);
    • Native/Aboriginal Classroom Assistant Diploma Program (NCADP/ACADP);
    • Native Special Education Assistant Diploma Program (NSEADP);
    • Native Language Teaching Certificate (NLTC);
    • An undergraduate degree from an accredited university
  2. Proof of Indigenous ancestry
  3. A one-page, typed statement that outlines the reasons for applying to the Indigenous Teacher Education Program.

The ITEP program is amazing! It has allowed me to complete my Bachelor Degree in Education while finishing my degree in Physical Education. The ITEP program is a great way to stay in your home community while working on your education. Not only are the summer courses very informative and fun, the online classes are as equally beneficial, not to mention the incredibly knowledgable educators. This program has prepared me immensely for my career as an educator in an Indigenous school in Constance Lake First Nation. In the future, I plan to keep giving back to Indigenous communities as an educator and building meaningful relationships with First Nation students in Northern Ontario. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity and recommend the ITEP program 100%!

Jessika Carroll
ITEP graduate

Program Overview

Year 1

Summer (on campus) Fall (online) Winter (online)

Introduction to Curriculum Design and Teaching

Mathematics for the Primary/Junior Divisions

Science and Technology for the Primary/Junior Divisions

Assessment, Evaluation and Communication of Student Learning Special Needs of Students
  Practicum I (4 weeks) in a P/J classroom Practicum I (4 weeks) in a P/J classroom

Year 2*

Spring (online) Summer (on-campus) Fall (online) Winter (online)

Legal and Social Foundations of Education

Visual Arts for the Primary/Junior Divisions

Health and Physical Education for the Primary/Junior Divisions

Social Studies for the Primary/Junior Divisions

Curriculum Design and Inquiry

History, Policy and Indigenous Education

    Practicum II** (5 weeks) in a P/J classroom Practicum II** (5 weeks) in a P/J classroom

Year 3*

Spring (online) Summer (on-campus) Fall (online) Winter (online)
Early and Emergent Literacies

Understanding Indigenous Pedagogies

Languages and Literacies for the Primary/Junior Divisions

Music for the Primary/Junior Divisions

Diversity and Inclusion Technology Enriched Teaching and Learning
    Practicum III** (6 weeks) in a P/J classroom Practicum III** (6 weeks) in a P/J classroom

Please note individual courses may be delivered in a different semester than indicated above at the discretion of the university

* Year 2 and Year 3 courses alternate every other year

** Practicum II and Practicum III are either scheduled in the fall or winter semester (not both semesters) by the university