Fees and Payments

Additional Basic Qualification (ABQ) courses:

Early Bird ABQ Course Fee

Before early bird registration deadline


ABQ Course Fee

AFTER early bird registration deadline


Additional Qualification (AQ) courses:

Early Bird AQ Course Fee

Before early bird registration deadline


AQ Course Fee

AFTER early bird registration deadline


(with the exception of Native Languages, Part I - $1,350.00)

All registration fees include a $15.00 transcript processing fee. An official university transcript will be mailed to successful candidates at the end of each course, once reports have been sent to the Ontario College of Teachers and after final grades for all courses in that session have been finalized.

Payment Options

Full payment must be made at the time of registration by:

  1. Visa or MasterCard
    Only through WebAdvisor.
  2. On-line Banking
    On the online banking webpage for your financial institution, choose "Bill payments". Add "Nipissing University" as a payee. Your account number is your student number (without the letter in front).
  3. Cheque or Money Order
    Cheques should be made payable to “Nipissing University”.
  4. Cash or Debit Card
    Cash or Debit payments will be accepted only in-person at the Finance Office during regular business hours.

Receipts for Income Tax

Tuition and Education Credit Certificates (T2202A’s) are available online on WebAdvisor by the end of February for full-time and part-time students.

Academic Withdrawal and Tuition Refunds

To withdraw from a course, students must either withdraw online using WebAdvisor OR submit a letter of withdrawal to the attention of the Office of the Registrar prior to the deadline date (see Important Dates). After the Office of the Registrar has processed this request, the student is then officially withdrawn and may be eligible for a credit of a portion of tuition fees to their account. A mark of “W” (Withdrawn) or “F” (Failed) may appear on a student’s academic record, depending on the date that the withdrawal request has been received. All Course Withdrawals are subject to a non-refundable cancellation fee.

Failure to submit payment for a course, discontinuing attendance in classes, failure to login to an on-line course, failure to submit any assignments, notification to the instructor, or stopping payment on a cheque, do not constitute official withdrawal.

Course withdrawals after the course begins:
$200 non-refundable cancellation fee

The University reserves the right to change fees and refund policies without notice. Payment of academic fees does not imply a student's acceptance to the University or approval of his/her registration. Academic requirements must be satisfied before registration is considered complete.

OSAP for micro-credentials information

OSAP for Micro-credentials provides eligible students with Ontario only, needs based, grant and loan assistance for ministry-approved, quality-assured micro-credential programs.

To be considered for this program, the student must submit an OSAP for Micro-credentials Application by the last day of the study period. All supporting documents are due no later than five (5) days after the end of the study period.

To be eligible for OSAP for Micro-credentials, a student must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or a protected person; be enrolled in a ministry-approved, quality-assured micro-credential program at an Ontario publicly assisted college, university, Indigenous Institute, private institution or Private Career College and the program must not lead to a certificate, diploma or degree; and the program must consist of one period of study that is less than 12 weeks.

Allowable costs include tuition, program fees, books and equipment.