Accessibility Advisory Committee

Mandate of the Nipissing University Accessibility Advisory Committee (NUAAC)

Provide leadership and resources to promote and foster a barrier free campus for students, employees, faculty, visitors and volunteers. The NUAAC shall:

  • Identify accessibility concerns, investigate and respond appropriately.
  • Identify facilities, regulations, policies, programs and services that could cause barriers for any persons with disabilities within the campus community.
  • Create a plan in collaboration with the university’s planning process with regards to AODA standards.
  • Communicate the policies of the AODA to the campus community with respect to new standards and implementation guidelines.
  • Advise the University with respect to all matters of the AODA.
  • Oversee the strategic directions for implementation of the requirements arising out of the AODA and its standards.

Membership, 2021-2022

Casey Phillips Assistant Vice-President, Students Ext. 4100
David Drenth Director, Facility Services Ext. 4842
Heather Hersemeyer Director, University Technology Services Ext. 4346
Jade Nighbor Manager – Digital Marketing Ext. 4494
Nancy Black Executive Director, Library Services Ext. 4220
Nancy Stevens Faculty of Arts & Science Ext. 4850
Paul Ritter Marketing, Web Ext. 4917
Robert Brownlee Marketing, Web Developer Ext. 4607
Sarah Driessens Office of the Dean of Teaching Ext. 4621
Sarah Pecoskie-Schweir NUSU Vice-President, Advocacy Ext. 4303
Shannon Landry Manager, Student Accessibility Services (Co-Chair) Ext. 4097
Steven Hansen Faculty of Education & Professional Studies Ext. 4091
Terry Kirkby Manager, Contracts & Projects Ext. 4505
Sydnee Wiggins Human Resources & Equity Advisor (Chair) Ext. 4066
Sarah Yackobeck Recording Secretary – HR Office Administrator Ext. 4898