Outgoing Nipissing Exchange Students

Outgoing Nipissing Exchange students

Taking your education abroad is an exciting opportunity. Our office offers an array of opportunities to help you internationalize your degree abroad.

  • Immerse yourself in a new culture and spend a year or semester studying at one of our partner schools
  • Give back globally by volunteering at one of our partner organizations
  • Gain invaluable international work experience through internship opportunities
  • Research and study in a culturally different context with our study and research opportunities
  • Take your teaching skills abroad and hone them in an international context by participating in an International BEd Practice (please contact the School of Education Practicum Office)

There are many reasons to go on Exchange — Exchange is an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and experience of another culture and/or language; experience your academic subject or worldview through a new lens; and develop transnational competencies and cross-cultural communication skills (which are of increasing value to employers). Exchange is also an opportunity to develop independence, flexibility, resilience, and the ability to adapt to new circumstances.

We welcome you to find out more about opportunities and services offered by exploring the links below or contacting the International Mobility Coordinator at internationalmobility@nipissingu.ca.

Check out our Stories from Exchange page to learn more about other students’ experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about Exchange Programs:

Determine Your Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in our exchange/study abroad program a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a Nipissing University student
  • Have completed a minimum of 30 credits successfully with Nipissing University
  • Be in good standing with the university, both academically and financially
  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 70%
  • Maintain a minimum 70% overall average and remain in good standing prior to departure

Develop Your Academic Plan

It is best to begin preparation to go abroad during the first year of your program at Nipissing. The early you prepare the easier it will seem. Starting early gives you the opportunity to properly organize you courses and financials to prepare for your journey abroad.

It is very important for you to meet with an academic advisor prior to submitting an application to develop an academic plan. You can book an appointment by emailing advising@nipissingu.ca

As a requirement to go on exchange, you must have completed a minimum of 30 NU credits. Due to this requirement, students cannot go on exchange until their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year.

We recommend for students to aim to study abroad during their 3rd year, but some students can study during their 2nd or 4th year, although this may result in changes to your academic plan. Students considering to go on exchange during their 4th year will be considered on a case-by-case basis. It is important that you discuss your plan with your Academic Advisor.

If you have questions about the program selection, please contact us at internationaladvising@nipissingu.ca.

Research Your Partner Institution

We invite to read past testimonials from NU students who have enjoyed an outgoing exchange program.

Attend An Information Session

You can attend one of the Education Abroad Information Sessions (you will be notified via your NU email) or come into our office for more information. We are located Room F205.

Costs and Fees

Cost is dependent on where you choose to study. Certain countries have higher cost of living, while others can be fairly low. After browsing through some of the available options, you should research on the different locations that interest you.

While students participating in the Exchange Program pay their standard full-time tuition to Nipissing University, there are many other expenses that should be considered and budgeted for when preparing for exchange.

Expenses you will want to consider when preparing your budget include:

Application Process:

Online application for Fall 2023 and Winter 2024

Application Deadline

October 1st to November 31st

Click here to apply »

Identify the Partner Universities

Identify and rank up to three (3) preferred institutions on the application and the term(s) you wish to apply for (Fall, Winter, or Full Year). Make note of approximate semester start and end dates at your preferred institutions.

We strongly recommend that you consider all three of your choices carefully. While the International department makes every reasonable effort to place accepted students at their preferred partner institution, due to the competitive nature of the Exchange Program we cannot make guarantees. Identifying three preferred partners helps the Exchange Team place you at a partner that is a good fit for your interests and goals.

Exchange Partner Institutions and Programs »


As part of the online application in MyInternational Database, you will need to identify and provide the contact information for one (1) academic reference and for one (1) personal reference:

  • Academic Reference
    • To be completed by a Nipissing University Faculty member who has previously or is currently instructing you.
  • Personal Reference
    • To be completed by a doctor, coach, academic, employer, etc...but may not be completed by a family member.

Supporting Documents

Please be advised that supporting documents may be required at the application processing time such as motivation letter, passport copy, etc.

After you Apply:

Application Next Steps

Congratulations on your upcoming exchange! Studying on exchange is enriching, and often is a life-transforming experience where learning extends beyond the classroom walls.

In order to prepare you for your upcoming journey, make sure you review the checklist on the MyInternational Database, where you completed your application, as this will provide you with a detailed list of tasks that must be completed or acknowledged prior to departure.

Please note that it is important that you track and meet all responsibilities and deadlines outlined into MyInternational portal.

Failing to meet pre-departure requirements may result in your removal from the Exchange Program. Your host institution will also provide you with information about your upcoming exchange that may include important pre-arrival instructions.

If your plans change at any time and you decide that you no longer wish to study abroad, you must notify the Nipissing International of your withdrawal as soon as possible by contacting internationalmobility@nipissingu.ca.

Pre-Departure Orientation Session

Please continue to check your Nipissing email address regularly as you prepare for exchange to ensure you do not miss any correspondence from your Host Institution or from the Nipissing International Team.

The dates will be shared with the selected students in advance by March.

All students approved for an exchange will be required to participate in a mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation Session. Failure to participate in this event could result in your disqualification from the exchange program.

Submit Required Documents

Liability Waiver

All outgoing exchange students are required to review and sign the Liability Waiver. This waiver must be witnessed by a Nipissing staff member. These forms will be distributed, signed, and witnessed at the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation Session.

Proof of Insurance

All outgoing exchange students are required to order their Insurance with Guard.me.

The policy must be uploaded as part of your checklist on MyNipissing Database portal no later than August 31 for fall term exchanges and full-year exchanges or November 30 for winter term exchanges.

Read about the Consular Affairs Canada Travel Advisories, which are updated regularly.

Certificate of Arrival at the Host Institution

All outgoing exchange students must have the Certificate of Arrival completed and signed by the exchange coordinator at their host institution within 2 weeks of their arrival. The completed form must be sent to internationalmobility@nipissingu.ca.

Certificate of Departure from the Host Institution

All outgoing exchange students must have the Certificate of Departure completed and signed by the exchange coordinator at their host institution prior to their departure at the end of their study term.

Scholarship and Bursaries

Prepare for Travel

Obtain your Passport and Apply for Student Visa

Make sure your current passport is valid (or apply for a passport well in advance of your anticipated departure date if you do not have one already). The expiry date on your passport must be at least 6 months beyond your expected date of return. Canadian passport applications are handled by Service Canada.

In some cases, a student visa is required to study in the country of your host institution. After you receive a copy of your Letter of Acceptance from your host institution, you can apply for a student visa from the Embassy or High Commission of your country of destination.  Contact the appropriate Embassy or High Commission to find out what documentation is required in order to apply for your student visa.

Tuition Fees

Make arrangements to pay your Nipissing University tuition and other fees for your term(s) abroad.  You are required to pay full-time tuition to Nipissing University while you are on an exchange (and must take the equivalent of a full-time course load at the host institution).


Visit the Finance office for information on your government student loan, Nipissing renewable scholarship, and/or Nipissing bursaries for your exchange.

We also recommend that you arrange for someone (e.g. Power of Attorney, if required) to take care of your finances while you are abroad. Contact the Finance Office for more details on this process.

Provincial Health Insurance

Notify OHIP (or your provincial health insurance program) if you are out of province for more than 212 days (or approx. 6 months). If your provincial health insurance program requires a letter of support to maintain your coverage while you are abroad, please email internationalmobility@nipissingu.ca.

Travel Tips

It is important that Nipissing students who are abroad on international programs, such as exchange, remember to check their NU email regularly in order to stay connected to the Nipissing campus. We also recommend that you photocopy all important documents and leave the copies at home with someone you trust. Ensure that you have adequate travel insurance including, health insurance, trip cancellation insurance, property insurance, etc.

Useful Resources

While Abroad:


We will only communicate with you via your NU email account so please make sure to continue to monitor it while you are abroad. You may also consider forwarding your NU-mail address to a frequently used email account so that you don’t miss out on any important/urgent information.

The exchange coordinator at the host institution is your main point of contact for any questions while on exchange. You are welcome to reach out to us at any time at internationalmobility@nipissingu.ca with your questions or concerns, or to share updates.

Emergency Contact Information and Resources

  • Register as a Canadian Abroad: An additional resource we recommend is to register with the Government of Canada as a Canadian Abroad. By doing so, this will allow the government to notify you directly of any changes in the coronavirus situation in China (or other emergencies). For more information on the Registration of Canadians Abroad program, and to register please visit the ROCA website.
  • Contact the local Canadian Embassy/Consulate* (*Canadian citizens). If the emergency occurs out of office hours and you need consular assistance you should contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada 24-Hour Emergency Duty Officer at +1 (613) 996-8885. Collect calls will be accepted.
  • Speak to the contact person at your host institution.
  • Contact Nipissing’s Campus Safety Office to receive assistance and report the incident. Collect calls will be accepted. (If you are unable to make a collect call from your current location dial the Canada Direct access number for your location to be connected with a Canadian operator.)

Remember, in the case of an emergency situation such as an earthquake etc. try and contact your family members at home as soon as possible and let them know that you are safe. We also ask that you contact your International Mobility Coordinator to confirm your safety.

Returning from Exchange:

Congratulations on completing your exchange! The Exchange Team has put together the following tips to help you leverage your experience for future success.

Exchange Transcript

Near the end of your exchange period, make arrangements to have an official transcript or certificate of departure sent by your host institution to the International Academic Adviser at Nipissing by email at internationaladvising@nipissingu.ca. If you receive the transcript please make sure to submit a copy to the International Mobility Coordinator at internationalmobility@nipissing.ca.

** We recommend that you request an additional copy for your own records. If you plan on applying to graduate school or other future opportunities, you will want to request an additional copy from your host institution at this time as it may be challenging to acquire copies at a later date.

Debrief Session

A Pre-Entry Session is organized for all returning exchange students to give them an opportunity to share your exchange experiences and focus on re-integration.

The session consists of presentations from:

  • Career Services: how to leverage your international experience
  • Counselling Services: Reverse Culture Shock
  • ISMP: 1-2 activities to discuss testimonials

Volunteer with the ISMP

The International Student Mentorship Program (ISMP) is designed to help new international students develop friendships and adjust to their new learning and living environment. Our mentors are Nipissing University students who volunteer their time to help support you. Some mentors may have studied abroad, while others may be interested in going overseas in the future, but all of them have an interest in meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

Mentors are responsible for organizing trips, social events, and activities for international students during their time at Nipissing. We recommend and encourage all new international students participate in ISMP.

Members of the ISMP team are also available throughout the school year to help answer any questions you may have about your courses, campus procedures, on-campus living, the North Bay community, and much more.