Dr. Sibbald publishes new book

Teaching Interdisciplinary Mathematics
Teaching Interdisciplinary Mathematics

Congratulations to Dr. Tim Sibbald, associate professor in the Schulich School of Education, on the publication of his new book, Teaching Interdisciplinary Mathematics (Common Ground Research Networks).

Here is an abstract:

In recent years, interdisciplinary teaching has gained attention particularly through efforts to pursue STEM. Other approaches to interdisciplinary education bring other subject disciplines together. In this book an international selection of authors consider what happens when their subject disciplines are combined with mathematics. The approach is anchored by math education to provide a lens on the implications for a single area of subject content when an interdisciplinary approach is taken. The collection provides inspirational ideas for drawing content areas together but also demonstrates that there are deeper issues that the education field needs to consider. The theoretical issues that emerge show a need for improving the foundation for interdisciplinary approaches. This is an informative book that shows that there is a need for further study of how numeracy, the broader scope of mathematics, and an interdisciplinary philosophy of curriculum are entwined.

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