Schulich School of Education faculty and former students release new book

Beyond and Within cover

Congratulations to Dr. Julie Corkett, Dr. Dan Jarvis, Dr. Jeff Scott, Dr. Astrid Steele and 24 former BEd students on the publication of a new book, Beyond and Within: Living and Teaching in Majority World Countries (CreateSpace, 2018).

Over the past decade, faculty from Nipissing University’s Schulich School of Education have had the privilege to accompany and work with teacher candidates as they have completed international teaching practicums in rural schools within majority world countries such as Ecuador, Kenya, and Nicaragua. International practicums in majority world countries are becoming a popular and useful way to expose teacher candidates to real world issues, teaching and learning strategies, and specific challenges related to international teaching. Through a series of personal reflective essays and photographs, the teacher candidates and their faculty advisors explore their own thoughts and feelings as they work through Tuckman’s classic stages of group Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning. 

Chapter contributions include those written by the four faculty member co-editors, along with submissions by the following 24 students: Laura Bishop, Alex Davis, Megan Murphy, Alicia Wells, Carly Zuk, Christina Borrelli, Andrea Shuttleworth, Shannan MacKenzie, Jessica Hall, Joelle White, Melissa Offord, Cara Song, Ashley Osytko, Julie Kocsis, Hannah Satherstrom, Alanna Sywyk, Casey Heeney, Emily Snitman, Jennifer Andrusyszyn, Jen Schuett, Jessica Boutillier, Jessica Bunn, Kim Leggatt, and Maria Iorga. These students have all since graduated from the Nipissing University BEd program and many of them are now teaching (and learning) in various schools in Ontario, across Canada, and internationally.

The book, featuring 86 colour images, is now available here.

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