NU Entrance Award

Award Value

Provides outstanding students with a special opportunity to study in a Northern Ontario university environment. The scholarships are awarded to full-time students entering directly from high school with minimum of 80% on their best six 4U/4M final grades (or provincial, international, or final IB score equivalent), or transfering from college with fewer than 18 transfer credits. Students must be registered in the first year of a Nipissing University undergraduate degree program. To maintain eligibility, it is necessary to maintain a minimum cumulative average of 80%, and students must enroll in no less than 24 credits annually. Students must accept their offer of admission by the date. Students in the upper year Concurrent Education program may only hold the scholarship in their first four years of study. This scholarship will not exceed the value of a student's Fall/Winter tuition fees. Students may not simultaneously hold any of the following: Chancellor's Award, NU Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship, NU First Robotics Scholarship, President's Scholarship, Upper Year Carl Sanders Award or Schulich Scholarship. Students in the Consecutive Education, College Partnership (Commerce and BBA) and Nursing Scholar Practitioner programs do not qualify for this scholarship. indicated in their offer letter and must register full time (minimum 24 credits) in the fall/winter semesters for the scholarship to be paid out. The scholarship may be held for a maximum of 4 years, not including "professional" years of study in the Concurrent Education program.

Award Type