Dr. Eric Weichel

Dr. Eric Weichel
Assistant Professor / Faculty of Arts and Science - Fine Arts and English Studies - Fine Arts/Performing Arts
Full-time Faculty
Dr. Eric Weichel received his PhD in Art History from Queen’s University (Kingston) in 2013, and completed a SSHRC-funded Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Concordia University (Montreal) in 2015. His research specialties involve the role of palace women in facilitating visual and literary cross-cultural exchanges in the courtly sphere: broader interests include sexuality and nationhood in the academic tradition, the interconnectivity of gardens and grieving in poetry and art, and the commemorative expression of performative ephemera - such as dance, ritual, and festival - in visual art. Besides acting as Nipissing University’s only full-time art historian, Dr. Weichel also serves as an undergraduate Fine Arts advisor and a recurrent guest speaker for Classical Studies program, as well as a speaker for the Centre for Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Arts and Sciences and the History Seminar Series.
BA, MA Carleton University
PhD, Queen's University