Dr. Gillian McCann

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Associate Professor / Faculty of Arts and Science - Gender Equality and Social Justice, Religion and Cultures and Indigenous Studies - Religions and Cultures
Full-time Faculty
I attempt to be an engaged scholar and as a result the courses I teach at Nipissing reflect my interests and outside commitments. Courses such as Greening Religion, Health, Healing and Religion and, Women in World Religions, are part of my engagement in writing and teaching about Utopian social thought, the intersection of east and west, gender and the environment. My current research examines the impact of the loss of religion on contemporary culture.

As a teacher I believe that students and professors are part of a larger community of scholars and so together are involved with expanding the field of religious studies and linking it to the world beyond the academy.
BA, University of Toronto
MA, University of Toronto
PhD, University of Toronto
Areas of Specialization:

Areas of expertise are the religious traditions of South Asia with a focus on Hinduism and Buddhism.

Research Interests:

Research interests include: women and religion, religion and the environment and New Religious Movements.