student in the neuroscience lab

Nipissing University Research on Neuroscience (NURON) Laboratory​

Room R119
Lab Directors: Dr. Andrew Weeks and Dr. Matti Saari

Dr. Weeks and his team study the neural basis of learning and memory in the Nipissing University Research on Neuroscience (NURON) lab. They are interested in how the synapses between neurons change following learning events, stress, or drug use (e.g. cannabis). Quantifying and understanding the physical imprint that learning leaves on these ultra-microscopic brain structures is the primary goal of the NURON lab's current research. 

Dr. Matti Saari's team focuses on simpler neural systems like that of the planarian flatworm. Some of their research focuses on how neural behaviour plasticity are manifested in these animals. They have documented, for example, that housing the worms in isolation versus in groups has a profound impact on their activity level.​

NURON labs are located on the 1st floor of the R-wing at Nipissing University. The facility includes imaging rooms, dry labs, wet labs, technologist offices, animal facilities, a dark room, and the Central Analytical Facility (CAF). In the facility you will find a transmission electron microscope (TEM), a confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM) and many other research tools. Undergraduate students who work in the lab can get experience in Electron-microscopy as well as all major aspects of research methods in behavioural neuroscience.

For further information please visit NURON Nipissing University Research on Neuroscience