Nipissing Logo

Consistent use of the Nipissing University logo, which is made up of two elements - the symbol and the wordmark, will help to increase the visibility of Nipissing University, project a strong institutional image, and provide a more cohesive and coordinated identity. This logo can be used in a variety of applications and is available in four options. The design of the logo ensures a positive and recognizable impact, even when reduced to a small size.

For authorized use of the Nipissing University logo or wordmark, please direct your request to the Marketing & Communications department via communications@nipissingu.ca or call 705-474-3450.

This manual contains instructions on the execution of the various aspects of Nipissing University’s visual communication. Proper display of this logo is an integral part of this program. The rules governing its use, colour, size and positioning must be followed exactly as outlined. Improper use of the logo will weaken the effectiveness of the consistent identity Nipissing University is projecting. Please note that the symbol should not appear without the wordmark, however, the wordmark may appear without the symbol.

There are no guidelines set out for incorporating this logo into a design using techniques such as varnish, die cuts, embossing etc. These attempts at reproduction should be left up to design professionals, once they are familiar with the standards set out in this manual.


The following supplied formats are the only acceptable signatures to be used in publications, advertisements and promotional items. The balance between logo and type has already been designed and should not be altered. Choose the logo that best suits your particular need and enlarge or reduce the complete logo to the desired size. Never enlarge or reduce only one element of the logo, but rather size the wordmark and symbol as a unit.

If printing is restricted to one colour in situations such as newspaper advertisement or inexpensive print runs, consider using the blue, black or reverse logo with tint options. In most instances when the logo appears on a white or light-coloured background, the logo should appear in blue or black with a 65% tint on the 'U' in the symbol. In instances where the logo is to appear on black or a dark-coloured background, always reverse or drop the logo out of the background colour so it appears white with a 20% black tint on the 'U' symbol.

Never print the logos in any other colour, screen or tint than what is outlined in this manual.

Primary Logo

Type Sample Usage
Two Colour Logo
two-tone logo
This logo should be used in most cases. Otherwise, use the Two Colour Wordmark.

Alternative Logos

Type Sample Usage
Black and White Logo
one colour black and white logo
Black and white print publications
Two Colour Wordmark
two colour wordmark
Use as an alternative to the primary logo
Black and White Wordmark
black and white wordmark
Black and white print publication
Reverse/Inverted Logo
reverse logo
On a black/dark background

Do Not Change or Modify the Logo

The following are examples of improper logos and improper logo usage:

Improper Nipissing University Logos

The high-resolution downloads are categorized as:

  • Vector - generally used for printers and graphic designers 
  • JPEG - used for general purposes