Assets and Templates

The following assets and templates are provided for the internal Nipissing University community to share the brand in a variety of ways.



The artwork for the letterhead is shown below on an 8.5" x 11" sheet. There are two different letterheads. Only correspondence originating from the President’s Office will be printed on the President’s Letterhead. All other letterheads are to follow the generic format.

Nipissing Letterhead

 The typeface for the address is in 7pt Arial Regular, with 15pt leading. Be careful to follow the guidelines when printing. Simply follow the layout or use the artwork supplied on disc.

Business Cards and Labels

Nipissing Business Cards

This artwork is for the reproduction of business cards, labels and envelopes. Simply follow the layout or use the artwork supplied on disc.

The information needed for the business cards is the name, degree(s), and title, extension, fax numbers, and email address.

All text for name, degree(s) and title is to be set in 9pt. Arial Bold. Contact information is in 7pt Arial Bold.

Business Card Stock
Byronic Cover
Weight 320m
Arctic White

Label Stock
Gloss Stock
Permanent Adhesive
on rolls of 500


Two Colour Wordmark and Signature (for white envelopes)

envelope colour

Black Wordmark and Signature (for brown or coloured envelopes) 

envelope b&w


Coat of Arms

For authorized use of the coat of arms, please direct your request to the Marketing & Communications department via or call (705) 474-3450, ext. 4494.

Coat of Arms


PowerPoint Template

A PowerPoint presentation template is available for downloading and use in external and internal presentations.

The Arial font should only be used when presenting on computers that do not have the Futura font installed or when sharing the documents for editing.

Download and install the University fonts prior to using the file below.

Email Signature

Select one of the footer images below to add to your Nipissing email signature.

For signature customization instructions please visit this site.

Email footer image options

Email footer
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eMail footer
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eMail footer
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To customize your desktop computer please follow these instructions.

desktop wallpaper
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