Visual Expression Guide

The Logo

Nipissing Logo

Consistent use of the Nipissing University logo, which is made up of two elements - the symbol and the wordmark, will help to increase the visibility of Nipissing University, project a strong institutional image, and provide a more cohesive and coordinated identity. This logo is a bold, flexible image that lends itself to a variety of applications and is available in four options. The design of the logo ensures a positive and recognizable impact, even when reduced to a small size.

Colour Palette

Colour consistency is a vital part of an identification program. This logo will appear on a diverse range of materials – paper, wood, metal, plastic, glass, etc., and it will be difficult to control the colour variances from one product to another. Nipissing University, therefore, has set out these guidelines to aid in the proper execution of its identity.



Nipissing University uses the font "Futura" for all headlines and titles in printed pieces.