Emergency Telephones

To use these phones, push the red button on the panel and it connects you to our answering service. Give them the information that is on the plastic sign above the phone. Your message will be passed on to the Security Officer on duty.

These phones are for Emergency purposes only. They are not to be used for non-emergency situations such as locating a classroom or unlocking a door. If you misuse these phones, you are placing someone else in potential danger.

The phone will reset itself after a preset time.

In addition all Pay Phones have free access to 911 as well as Security Services.

Internal Emergency Phone Locations

There are ten (10) emergency phones located inside the Education Centre.

  • Three (3) are located across from the elevators in the Nipissing University “A” block on the first, second & third floors.
  • Four (4) are located across form the elevators in the Nipissing University “H” block on the basement, first, second & third floors.
  • Three (3) are located in Canadore’s Hewgill Hall on the first, second & third floors beside rooms D120, D231 & D340.

Outside Emergency Phone Locations

  • On the walkway behind the Athletics Centre leading into Parking Lot #5
  • On the walkway leading to the Athletics Centre from the main Education Centre 
  • On the top section of Parking Lot #8
  • Between the two sections of Parking Lot #1
  • Outside wall of Townhouse Residence unit #75

Map of outside emergency phone locations 

Monastery Trail Locations

Along the Monastery Trail there are four (4) Emergency Phones and two (2) weather proof boxes containing maps and emergency information. On the Monastery Hall property there are four (4) Emergency Phones located at the front driveway, front door and two (2) in the Parking Lot Area.

Map of Monastery Trail locations

Residence Locations

At Chancellors House there are three (3) Emergency Phones located at the back of the Building in the Parking Lot area.

At Founders House there is one (1) Emergency Phone located at the back corner of the building along the roadway leading to Chancellors House.

At Governors House there are two (2) Emergency Phones located at the front in the parking areas.


Emergency telephones are important for the safety of students on campus and; therefore, any misuse, abuse or tampering with this equipment is considered a serious offence.

These types of actions will be subject to prosecution, fines, as well as other severe disciplinary sanctions which could include eviction from the University and/or residence.