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Program Overview

The Summer Indigenous Institute is one of two transition programs offered to Indigenous students entering their first year of studies.  Launched in July 2019, the institute offers Indigenous students an academic transition to their undergraduate studies.

This culturally-based transition program was created to support students as they learn skills necessary for success at university. The program allows Indigenous students an advanced look at university life while also giving them a head start on their credits. Courses are taught by Indigenous faculty and students have access to upper-year student mentors. Enji giigdoyang, the Office of Indigenous Initiatives also offers academic, personal, and cultural support activities while students are in the program.

The Summer Indigenous Institute offers an introductory Indigenous Studies course for credit delivered through remote learning. The Summer Indigenous Institute is supported by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities, Ontario.


The program is offered to students who will be entering a degree program at Nipissing University, Algoma University, Lakehead University, or Laurentian University as well as college students and community members considering pursuing a degree at Nipissing University in the future. 

Course Credit

The program offers one first year level Indigenous Studies course INDIG 1506 - On the land, from the land. For students entering their first year of university, course credits are transferable to Nipissing University, Algoma University, Lakehead University and Laurentian University. For college students and community members, course credit can be retained once you are admissible to a degree program at Nipissing University. 

Summer Indigenous Institute Course Dates 2022

Orientation - August 5, 2022  
Classes - August 8-19, 2022

Live Information Sessions 2022

January, 2022 (TBA)
February 22, 2022
March, 2022 (TBA)
April 19, 2022
May 24, 2022

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Video Series: Visiting with Anishnaabe and Cree knowledge holders

We are grateful for the Anishnaabe and Cree knowledge holders who have generously shared their time and experiences with us: Alysha Allaire, Brenda Lee, Perry McLeod-Shabogesic, Mckenzie Ottereyes-Eagle, Nathalie Restoule and Lorraine Sutherland.

This series was created in support of the Summer Indigenous Institute organized by Nipissing University in partnership with Algoma University, Lakehead University, and Laurentian University.

Join us as we visit with Anishnaabe knowledge holder, traditional helper and storyteller, Perry McLeod-Shabogesic, as he shares cultural knowledge through storytelling.

Join us as we visit with Cree knowledge holder, Brenda Lee, as she shares her experiences with tanning hides.

Join us as we visit with Anishnaabemwin (Ojibway language) teacher, Alysha Allaire.

Join us as we visit with Cree knowledge holder and educator, Lorraine Sutherland. She shares her experiences with teaching and sharing history through narrative and story.

Join us as we visit with Anishnaabe student and youth mental wellness practitioner, Nathalie Restoule, as she shares her experiences with traditional arts.

Join us as we visit with Cree student and traditional men’s dancer, McKenzie Ottereyes-Eagle, as he shares about his connection to Cree language and culture.