Password Reset Management

Forgot your Password? 

You can reset your password yourself through our self-service password reset service found here (  

If you haven't previously registered for self-service password reset, and we do not have your cell number, external email, or security verification answers, then you will need to contact the helpdesk ( to reset your password. 

Register for Self- Service Password Reset 

To register for self-service please visit  If you've never signed up for self-service password reset, then you will see a page like this: 


SSPR Setup


You can install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smart phone or tablet, and that can be used to reset a forgotten password.  Alternatively, you  may choose to click the "I want to set up a different method" link to select a different password reset method. 

The available password reset methods are:

  • The Microsoft Authenticator App 
  • A phone (either voice or text)
  • Security Questions 
  • An external email address 

Password Requirements 

Your password must be at least 9 characters long, and must contain characters from three of the following categories: 

  • Uppercase letters 
  • Lowercase letters 
  • Digits (0 through 9) 
  • Non-alphanumeric characters (special characters): (~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;"'<>,.?/)