Carl Sanders Upper Year Scholarship

Award Value

Awarded to full-time students, admitted prior to September 2022, entering second, third or fourth year of an undergraduate degree program at Nipissing. Students will receive a $500 scholarship if they attain a minimum average of 80%, $750 if they attain a minimum average of 85% or $1000 if they attain a minimum average of 90% on their top 24 credits over the previous Fall/Winter session at Nipissing. Refer to the "weighted average" link on our website for further eligibility requirements. Students in the Concurrent Education program can only hold the scholarship in their "non-Professional" study years. Students in the BSCN.SPP and Consecutive Education programs do not qualify for this scholarship. This scholarship will not exceed the value of a student's Fall/Winter tuition fees. Students may not simultaneously hold any of the following: Chancellor's Award, NU Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship, NU First Robotics Scholarship, President's Scholarship, Upper Year Carl Sanders Award or Schulich Scholarship.

Award Type
Faculty of Arts and Science
Upper Year