Graduate Awards Policy

Definition of terms as relevant to this policy:

External Awards: awards that are adjudicated and selection of the recipients is done by an external organization.  Examples: SSHRC, NSERC, CHIR, OGS, McKenzie King.

Internal Awards: awards that are adjudicated and selection of the recipients is done by an internal Nipissing University committee. Example: Nipissing Graduate Scholarship (NGS)

Students awarded only external awards:

There is no limit to the number or total value of external awards a student may have provided they adhere to the granting agencies policies.

Students awarded only internal awards:

Students must adhere to the policies governing the awards.

Acknowledgment: This policy was prepared using excerpts from Concordia’s Policy on holding multiple awards simultaneously, 2008-2009.

Graduate Funding

Graduate funding comes from a number of sources including external grant scholarships (SSHRC, NSERC, OGS, others…), faculty research grants within the department, Nipissing Graduate Scholarships and Research and Teaching Assistantships. The SGS will normally send out letters of offer concerning Internal funding for graduate students at the same time it sends out letters of admission. Funding may also be offered at other times, when new funding becomes available or if students leave the program or resign from a student employment position.

Applicants receiving an offer of admission and/or funding are expected to review, be aware of and comply with, the information provided.  By accepting the offer of admission and funding, applicants are acknowledging:

  • That they understand and will comply with the information outlined on this site, including but not limited to: the terms and conditions of admission; and terms, conditions and eligibility for funding; and
  • That the information provided to the university is, to the best of their knowledge, accurate, true and compliant with university policy.

Validity of Offer of Admission and Funding

The offer of admission and funding expires after the response deadline.  Acceptance is not valid without payment of the non-refundable deposit by the deadline date. After this date, the offer of admission and funding will no longer be valid, and the option to accept the offer will expire. The offer of admission and funding will clearly outline the program of study, term of admission, full or part-time status, and funding.​​