Types of Funding




Other Potential Funding/Award Sources:

These are a few other graduate student funding and award opportunities offered through third party organizations. 

The Principle of Timely Completion

(formerly known as "The 10 Hour Rule")

As a member university of the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies, Nipissing is committed to ensuring full-time graduate students be given every opportunity to pursue their graduate degree on a full-time basis and make satisfactory progress toward timely completion of all program requirements. It is not possible, or ​desirable, for the university to monitor and enforce the employment activities of its graduate students outside the university. However, it is both possible and desirable for the university to ensure that it does not itself create a structural situation that jeopardizes the ability of the graduate student to make full-time progress towards the completion of graduate program requirements. Accordingly, Nipissing University is committed to the principle that full-time graduate students are employed no more than an average of 10 hours per week on campus.   

Students who do not wish to be limited to 10 hours of paid employment during their studies are strongly encouraged to pursue flex-time studies.

Funding for International Students

There are limited funding opportunities available for international students at Nipissing University. In order to obtain a study permit, international students must submit evidence of having enough funds to cover tuition and living expenses. Therefore, it is expected that all international students attending Nipissing will be able to support themselves and any dependents during their studies.  International students in thesis-based programs may be eligible for an internal scholarship and/or assistantships, which are typically offered at the time of admission.

Method of Payment of Graduate Awards and Funding

Unless otherwise indicated, awards and funding are paid out in three equal installments throughout​ the fall, winter and spring terms.

For more information on Graduate Funding please contact:

The School of Graduate Studies