Master of Environmental Studies/Sciences admissions

Nipissing’s Master of Environmental Science (MESc)/Master of Environmental Studies (MES) programs take a unique interdisciplinary approach by integrating ideas and methodologies from the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to explore and address environmental issues.  The programs consist of course work plus a Major Research Paper (one-year program) or coursework plus a Thesis (two-year program), and are offered on a full-time or flex-time basis.

Thesis Route (four three-credit courses + thesis) – Two years to complete

The thesis route provides students with the opportunity to pursue original research questions by conceiving, designing and executing a study in their area of interest. Course work provides exposure to interdisciplinary thinking and development of technical expertise in a specific area of interest.  This route offers appropriate preparation for further graduate studies at the doctoral level or for a career in research, consulting, or government.

Major Research Paper Route (six three-credit courses + MRP) – One year to complete

The Major Research Paper (MRP) route offers students a less extensive research experience that involves analysis and interpretation of ideas and information, while emphasizing a broad exposure to environmental systems and problem solving through additional graduate-level course work.  This route is appropriate for providing additional training for working professionals or recent graduates who wish to expand upon their disciplinary training while further developing their research skills.


  • Master of Environmental Science
  • Master of Environmental Studies


While there are several common core courses to the Master of Environmental Science or Studies program, students will choose to stream into either Environmental Science or Environmental Studies, depending on their background and interests

Students are highly encouraged to contact faculty to discuss potential supervision/research interests prior to submitting their applications to the program.

For further information regarding the Master of Environmental Sciences/Studies program, please visit School of Graduate Studies

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