Peer Tutoring Program

Nipissing University's Peer Tutoring Program is designed to facilitate the provision of one-on-one peer-led tutoring sessions for students who request course-specific help. We do our best to recruit tutors for specific courses but sometimes we are unable to find a match.

The objectives of the program are:

  1. To provide course-specific learning assistance to students by pairing them with a peer who has demonstrated competence in that particular course in the past.
  2. To enhance students' success by fostering understanding and application of concepts and methods as they pertain to a particular subject.
  3. To provide Peer Tutors the opportunity to refine their communication, instructional, and interpersonal skills through the process of being an educator.
  4. To supply Peer Tutors with the means to consolidate their knowledge in a particular subject area.

Please Note: It is the policy of the Peer Tutoring Program that Peer Tutors are not to help with assignments to be submitted for grading unless a signed Permission Form has been obtained from the instructor.

* All services will be conducted virtually until further notice.