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OSAP Reviews

OSAP uses “standard” assessment criteria when determining your OSAP funding but there are some review options available to address specific situations that may not have been considered in the original assessment. The list below is not a comprehensive list of review options; if you feel you have unusual circumstances that may not have been taken into consideration in your initial OSAP assessment and this is causing financial hardship, please speak with someone in the Student Awards/Financial Aid Office to discuss your options. Here are some of the more common reviews which students have requested in the past:

Married Student Maintains 2 Residences

If your spouse is remaining in another community maintaining a residence and you have moved to a temporary residence in North Bay

Single student (>4 years out of high school) lives at home but pays room and board​​​

If you are able to live at home and commute to school but pay room and board to parents

Request reassessment based on parent’s lower current year’s income

If one or both of your parents’ income will be significantly lower in the current year because of a non-recurring situation, you may request that your funding be reassessed using the current year’s income 

Request reassessment based on spouse’s lower current year’s income​

If a married student’s spouse’s income will be significantly lower in the current year because of a non-recurring situation, you may request that your funding be reassessed using the current year’s income  

Family Breakdown Review

In certain circumstances (resulting in a serious and permanent break in the relationship between a student and parent(s)), parental information may not be required

Family Breakdown – Step parent Review

When a “custodial” parent remarries, in some circumstances the step-parent’s information may not be required

Request for Additional Local Travel funding

OSAP allows a certain amount for local transportation; if you are commuting regularly to/from campus and your residence is more than 30km from campus (or there is no public transit), you may request assistance for additional travel costs

My parents’ home is less than 30 km from campus but I don’t live with them​​​​​

OSAP assumes that “dependant” students will live with their parents if the parental home is <30 km from campus; however, if there is no public transit from home to campus OSAP may waive this requirement and allow higher living costs

I am living at home and commuting to/from campus OSAP provides a limited travel allowance for students who live at home; if you must commute >30 km or it takes more than 1 hour by public transit (or there is not public transit at all) you may appeal for additional local travel funding


OSAP Supplemental Forms

Grant-only request​​

If you only want to receive your OSAP grants for the current academic year

Study at Another Institution Form

If you are taking a course through LOP, you may request that the costs associated with the course be included in the assessment of your funding

OSAP Application Forms

OSAP extension form for spring/summer For students taking a full time course load who wish to extend their existing funding into the spring/summer term  Please click here for the 2020-2021 full-time OSAP Spring/Summer extension form.

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